Rabbinical Recommendations

Recommendations by Rabbis

The Holy Shekel project was established and has been expanded thanks to Synagogue Wardens from all over, who contributed their time so that we could make the work of the Synagogue Warden as efficient and easy as possible, and assist him in increasing payments. The project operates thanks to the support and encouragement of great Rabbis of all denominations, with whom with have met and consulted before introducing it to the public.


The Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Yona Metzger, may he live a good long life amen

“… a good and worthy thing did the entrepreneurs of the Holy Shekel project, to create a method of payment that is accessible to all, through a special website that greatly assists any man to easily pay vows, to the benefit of all those who vow who can fulfil their vow, and to the benefit of Synagogue Wardens who can receive funds in an orderly fashion and track payments.”


The Chief Rabbi of Ramat-Gan and president of the Ramat-Gan Hesder Yeshiva Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, may he live a good long life amen

“I will personally recommend to my synagogue’s warden that our synagogue join Holy Shekel.”

Secretary of the Habad Rabbinate Court Rabbi Yitzhak Yehuda Yeruslavsky, may he live a good long life amen

“A very important idea, both to visitors and worshipers, so they do not forget their pledges, and to Synagogue Wardens, so they need not bother visitors. Good luck.”