We wield neither spear nor sword,

“The voice is Jacob’s voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau”!

After the terrible massacre in our community, our teacher and mentor HaRav Yitzchak Mordechai HaCohen Rubin Shlit”a established the “Ateret Kedoshim Kollel,” in memory of our dear and unforgettable friends, and this will also be a source of comfort and encouragement for  families of the Kedoshim HY”D

About 200 Avreichim learn Torah at “Ateret Kedoshim” They learn Torah during night time, Fridays and Shabbos.

In the location of the terrible slaughter – the beautiful voice of Torah is heard.

And now, with the encouragement of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky Shlit”a, and his call for every person to donate to the Kollel Ateret Kedoshim

We are in the midst of the journey to achieving the goal, And for this, we need YOU.

For them, for us, for YOU.

Help us keep Har Nof safe, keep our families and children protected.

Grant yourselve a blessing and yeshua for the rest of your days.

The receipts (as per se’if 46) will be sent automatically by:
‘Kehilat Bnei Torah – Har Nof, Jerusalem (RA)’

To all donors fill in their email address For clarifications of transactions: Trumot@BneiTorah.org

To donate by phone:

Direct debit:
Bank Transfer: Bank Beinleumi, Bank 31 –  Branch 074  Account 362867

IBAN: IL500310740000000362867
Branch #: 074
Branch address:  Derech Chevron 98, Jerusalem, Israel